The District 3-2A Division I runner-up Bangs Dragons earned 19 all-district selections, while the fifth-place Early Longhorns received 11 from the coaches of the league.

Leading the way for Bangs was senior quarterback J.T. Newton, who shared the district’s offensive player of the year honor with Comfort senior receiver Robert Tolar. Newton completed 157 of 296 passes for 2,398 yards with 21 touchdowns while rushing for 821 yards and 15 scores.

District champion and state-runner up Wall dominated the rest of the superlative awards, which included Wall senior quarterback Luke Dacy as MVP, Wall senior linebacker Korby Kellermeier as defensive player of the year, Wall senior Jacob Reid as lineman of the year, Brady sophomore Keyshawn Eagle as newcomer of the year and Wall’s Houston Guy as coach of the year.

First-team offensive selections for Bangs included receiver Josh Truelove and offensive lineman William Roberts, while Early offensive lineman Jakob Morgan also received a first-team nod.

Landing on the first-team defense for the Dragons were Truelove in the secondary, Roberts and Andrew Quintana along the defensive line and Tanner Shaw at both inside linebacker and punter. For Early, Landon Beck was a first-team choice on the defensive line.

Second-team offensive selections from Bangs included running back Jake Gravell, Shaw at receiver, center Chuy Alvarado, offensive lineman Justin Hoskinson and kicker Carlos Meija. Early receiver Nick Alcorta was also a second-team choice.

On the defensive side, second-team honorees included Bangs defensive back Keegan Hall and Gravell along the defensive line, as well as Early defensive back Kellan Jackson and defensive lineman Raymond Weckwerth.

Receiving honorable mention from Bangs were running back Seth Ross, offensive lineman Jacob Perry, linebacker Jose Vielma and defensive back Cameron Rockett.

Longhorns receiving honorable mention included running back Leonel Espinosa, receiver Chris Johnston, offensive linemen Bucky McDaniel and Keith Clardy, defensive lineman Charlie Tongate and linebacker Cody Morrison.

The District 3-2A Division I all-district first and second teams are as follows:


Luke Dacy, Sr., Wall


J.T. Newton, Sr., Bangs; Robert Tolar, Sr., Comfort


Korby Kellermeier, Sr., Wall


Keyshawn Eagle, So., Brady


Jacob Reid, Sr., Wall


Houston Guy, Wall


Quarterback: Keaun Valverde, Jr., Ingram

Running Backs: Brent Matschek, Sr., Wall; Dax Wright, So., Comfort

Fullback: Clint Masters, Jr., Wall

Receivers: Josh Truelove, Sr., Bangs; Bryce Sorbel, Sr., Comfort; Robert Aly, Sr., Grape Creek; Tre Chitsey, Wall, Sr.

Tight End: Hector Campos, Sr., Comfort

Center: Matt Henderson, Jr., Wall

Offensive Line: William Roberts, Sr., Bangs; Jakob Morgan, Sr., Early; Boyd Henry, Sr., Wall; Chad Kellermeier, Sr., Wall; Tyler Moore, Jr., Comfort

Kicker: Victor Falcon, Jr., Comfort


Secondary: Josh Truelove, Sr., Bangs; Brent Matschek, Sr., Wall; Caleb Sillemon, Sr., Brady; Riley Crawford, Sr., Comfort

Defensive Line: Andrew Quintana, Sr., Bangs; William Roberts, Sr., Bangs; Landon Beck, Jr., Early; Robert Reeves, Sr., Brady; Alonzo Neri, Sr., Comfort; Noah Ramirez, Sr., Comfort; Lane Oliver, Jr., Wall; Marcus Michalewicz, Sr., Wall

Outside Linebacker: Gary Flores, Jr., Brady; Miles Michel, Jr., Ingram; Darren Droll, Sr., Wall

Inside Linebacker: Tanner Shaw, Sr., Bangs; Kyle Schwartz, Sr., Wall

Punter: Tanner Shaw, Sr., Bangs; Brent Matschek, Sr., Wall


Quarterback: Kyle Bohlen, Jr., Comfort

Running Backs: Jake Gravell, Jr., Bangs; Kris Gutierrez, Jr., Wall; Trey Ledezma, Jr., Brady; Aaron Eagle, So., Brady; Riley Crawford, Sr., Comfort

Fullback: Tim Jones, So., Brady

Receivers: Tanner Shaw, Sr., Bangs; Nick Alcorta, Jr., Early; Caleb Sillemon, Sr., Brady; Bryson Barnet, Jr., Ingram; Clayton Willman, Jr., Wall

Tight End: Wes Smith, Jr., Brady

Center: Chuy Alvarado, Sr., Bangs

Offensive Line: Justin Hoskinson, Sr., Bangs; Allen Kastler, Sr., Wall; Darrin Connell, Sr., Brady; Noah Ramirez, Sr., Comfort

Kicker: Carlos Mejia, Jr., Bangs; Mason Houser, Sr., Wall


Secondary: Keegan Hall, Jr., Bangs; Kellan Jackson, Sr., Early; Bryce Sorbel, Sr., Comfort; Dax Wright, So., Comfort; Derek Brown, Jr., Brown; Kris Gutierrez, Jr., Wall; Trey Ledezma, Jr., Brady

Defensive Line: Jake Gravell, Jr., Bangs; Raymond Weckwerth, Jr., Early; Nathan Aguirre, Sr., Brady; Aquileo Evans, So., Comfort; Zek Hernandez, Jr., Ingram; Cale Roberts, Sr., Wall

Outside Linebacker: Jorge Alanis, Jr., Wall; Jaysen Owens, Sr., Brady; Juan Campos, Sr., Ingram

Inside Linebacker: Kelton Niehues, Sr., Wall; Conner Dodds, Sr., Brady

Punter: Keaun Valverde, Jr., Ingram