For the past 20 years of his career, Brownwood Police Chief Mike Corley has looked forward to participating in a Citizens Police Academy, including the last three years while he's been chief in Brownwood.

Corley hopes to be part of his fourth Citizens Police Academy in Brownwood, which is scheduled to begin Jan. 14 and run for 11 weeks ó once each Tuesday night and one Saturday at the firing range. He will be one of the instructors.

But there is a chance the 2014 academy isn't going to happen. Only four people had signed up for the academy as of Friday morning, and the class needs about 15 to "make," since the class will involve several instructors and resources, Corley said.

It's not too late to turn in application to attend, but Corley said he'll have to make a decision in a couple of weeks whether the class is a "go."

"I go to every class," Corley said. "I enjoy it as much as the students do. It's a fun time for me."

Corley said he'll be disappointed if he has to cancel the class, but he also understands that potential students are busy with other community activities.

According to an earlier email from police Training Coordinator Chandra Means:

"We strive to be good partners with our community. With those thoughts in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to announce that we are currently taking applications for our next Citizenís Police Academy (CPA). This will be the fourth CPA since Chief Corley took office in 2010. Our 2013 CPA class was a huge success and we are hoping to make 2014 even better.

" Ö We have a Citizenís Police Academy for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is transparency. We want you (the public) to know how your police department is run and how your tax dollars are spent. We open up our doors to the students and there are no unanswered questions; no secrets.

"We want the students to learn police techniques and on a more basic front: find out why police officers do the things they do. We also want the students to see and use police equipment. For instance, we will have you dusting for fingerprints, using a radar gun, watching a Taser demonstration, and shooting a variety of firearms, just to name a few. We also want the students to ride on patrol with our officers. We want the students to experience what our officerís experience on a regular duty shift in Brownwood, Texas. Students will probably see Brownwood as they have never seen it before."

" Ö We encourage all of our citizens to consider attending the Citizenís Police Academy. We promise it will be an experience you will remember and appreciate for a long time."

Applications can be picked up at the Brownwood Police Department, which is housed in the Law Enforcement Center at 1050 W. Commerce, or contact Means, Corley or Assistant Police Chief James Fuller at (325) 646-2525 for more information.