One motorcyclist was seriously injured and another motorcyclist was arrested on a DWI charge Thursday night after a sequence of events that began with an accident involving both motorcycles in the Commerce Square parking lot. One of the motorcyclists rode away at high speed and rear-ended a car on Austin Avenue in front of the CVS store, police said.

Guardian EMS transported Brook Bindel, 27, of Brownwood, to Brownwood Regional Medical Center after the rear-end collision, which occurred shortly before 7 p.m., according to police reports. Details on his condition were not available Friday morning.

Edgar Mullins, 32, of Brownwood, was arrested on the DWI charge after the Commerce Square accident.

According to police reports:

Officer Jesse Mares was dispatched to Commerce Square at 6:53 p.m. on a report that two motorcycles had crashed in the entryway of the parking lot. Dispatch said both cyclists were attempting to leave.

Mares arrived to see Mullins standing next to a damaged Harley Davidson motorcycle. Mares arrested Mullins on the DWI charge after conducting a field sobriety test. Mullins was taken to BRMC, where he consented to a blood draw. 

A witness told Mares he was in line at the Taco Bell drive-thru when he heard two motorcycles' engines and it sounded as though the cyclists were racing. The witness heard a crash and saw Mullins fall off his motorcycle and saw Bindel, the rider of the other motorcycle, also a Harley Davidson, picking up pieces from his cycle

The witness said Mullins got back on his motorcycle and rode around in circles and appeared to be falling off his motorcycle again.

At the emergency room, Mullins told Mares he had been at a restaurant and was planning to follow his friend home.

Sgt. Mitch Slaymaker was patrolling the area of Belle Plain and Main when dispatch advised of the Commerce Square accident and indicated both riders were trying to leave. Slaymaker heard the sound of a motorcycle accelerating hard. Relying on dispatch reports and the sound of the motorcycle, Slaymaker attempted to find the motorcycle and saw its taillights as the cycle crested the Bill Monroe overpass, heading south at high speed.

Dispatch then radioed that the motorcycle had been involved in a crash and the rider, Bindel, was lying unconscious in the street. Slaymaker arrived to see that the car the motorcycle had rear-ended was heavily damaged and the motorcycle was unrecognizable. Bindel regained consciousness but was not speaking coherently.

Bystanders said the motorcycle had been traveling at about 70 mph and had gone between two southbound vehicles just before the crash.

After Bindle was taken to BRMC, officer Sky Self went to the emergency room to see if it would be possible to obtain a blood draw. Due to the chaotic scene at the emergency room and the trauma team trying to stabilize Bindel, it was not possible to obtain a blood sample, Self told Slaymaker.

"The investigation is ongoing, with the possibility of charges being filed," Assistant Police Chief James Fuller said.