I am writing to the Brownwood Bulletin because I wanted to make known the fact that we have a wonderful business in our midst and Mark Shelton, the owner, is a super, community minded owner. His staff is some of the most friendly and helpful with which I have ever dealt. He has generously supported our students in the area by giving discounted buffets to teams and classes. He has overwhelmed me by his generosity to firefighters, law enforcement, and teachers by donating VIP passes to them. These are specifically for those people, and of course, it cuts our costs when we take families and groups in to eat there. It is a massive donation and many students in my classes have earned passes he donated by working extra to complete even more course work than is required. They are challenging themselves and moving ahead faster than they ever have in school. I know many visiting schools and some of the classes at various campuses have benefitted by the discounts he has given to them. As a teacher, I have always tried to do little extra things to encourage my students, but Mark Shelton has taken the exorbitant costs and lessened them for educators by his actions. Thanks Mark, for all your support.

Sherry Davidson


Brownwood Accelerated High School