Human remains found on the property of Amber and Mike Lowery have been identified as those of Amber Lowery, Comanche County Sheriff's officials said Wednesday.

Amber Lowery, who lived with her husband and two children in Comanche County near Rising Star, was reported as a missing person on July 23. Mike Lowery was arrested on July 30 on a murder warrant.

Investigators searching the property found human remains submitted them to the University of North Texas Anthropology Lab.

One of Amber Lowery's brothers posted Thursday on the Find Amber Lowery Facebook page:

"It is with a heavy heart that as her eldest brother I come before the community and family and friends that have waited since July of 2013 to hear or not hear the words I will put before you now.

"As of information received by us yesterday it is official that the remains found on the property where this terrible crime took place are those of my beautiful sister Amber.

"She is missed every single day and we will impatiently wait for justice to be served as a result of acts that took her from her family and friends and all of those that may not have even met her but diligently stood by and shared in the sorrow felt by all.

"We have no specifics and no other answers at this time other than the DNA results have proven what we have all feared and to an extent assumed. Our family thanks everyone that has felt saddened and grieved over this loss of such a beautiful mother, daughter, sister, friend, relative, co-worker and acquaintance."