Two weeks ago, the 24-member Cowboy Capital Rollergirls asked the community for help.

They'd lost their Brownwood practice facility, and they asked the community to help them find another practice location.

They're still in need.

"We still haven't had any luck," said Ashley Gill of Stephenville, the Rollergirls' coach. "We've had a few leads but nothing has materialized so far."

Before losing their Brownwood practice facility, the Rollergirls — whose members are from Brownwood, Stephenville and Glen Rose — split their practices between Stephenville and Brownwood. Now all the practices are in Stephenville.

"Our program's suffering right now," Gill said.

 The Rollergirls are preparing for their March 15 season opener, and their season includes Brownwood Coliseum dates of April 13, July 12 and Aug. 9.

Two weeks ago, Gill submitted an article stating: 

There is a noticeable stillness in Brown County to start this new year.

Where one could once hear the whirl of wheels going by, a whistle to start a drill, a shuffling as movement is made across the track, and yells of encouragement with an occasional slap of a high five, there is nothing but silence.

Since the Cowboy Capital Rollergirls first rolled into Brownwood to join forces with the Brown County Derby Debu'Taunts in early 2013, they have had to fight for a home.

The Cowboy Capital Rollergirls are asking the community for help. The armory where the roller derby team practiced during the 2013 season is no longer available to them. The Rollergirls are looking for a safe, year-round training space that would permit the league to continue to develop the successful women's league and also begin training with the Cowboy Capital Junior Roller Derby, the newest league skaters 7-17 years of age.

The league is seeking a space for lease, rent, or in-kind sponsorship trade with a concrete or wood floor approximately 6,000 square feet or more. Heat, running water and restrooms are preferred, but not essential.

"We are flexible though," said league President Laurie Phipps. "We are willing to share space, if needed." The team practices two to three times a week during the season, which starts now and runs until mid-October.

"We're lucky enough to be able to bout at the Brownwood Coliseum," said Phipps, "but it is not available to us for practices."

The Rollergirls donated $3,900 back to local non-profits in the community last season from proceeds of home bouts at the coliseum. Without a permanent practice space though, the organization is uncertain about the future of roller derby in the area.

"We're not hanging up our skates yet," said Brownwood skater Breawna Ballard. "With the community's help, we're confident we will find a solution."

The Cowboy Capital Rollergirls are a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization, and the premiere women's and junior's flat track roller derby league in Central Texas. To contact the league or for more information, please email or visit our website