As a part of their Safe School Program, the Heart of Texas Crime Stoppers is working with Brownwood High School to strategically place new stickers and signs around the campus that provide contact information for anonymously reporting tips and information regarding criminal activity.

Working in conjunction with the Brownwood ISD School Resource Officer, Fred Bastardo III, a representative from the Heart of Texas Crime Stoppers sought the help of BHS administrators and students to help find ideal locations for the decals and signs.

The Heart of Texas Crime Stoppers Safe School Program objectives are to:

* Provide an opportunity for all students to report a crime anonymously without fear of retribution;

* Make the student body aware of the importance of reducing alcohol and drug use and/or sales on school property;

* Reduce the number of crimes committed on school property;

* Reduce the amount of vandalism of school and personal property;

* Maintain a good working relationship with local law enforcement officials;

* Make the school a safe and rewarding place for all students to learn; and

* Develop a sense of trust and dignity for faculty and students.

The cooperative agreement between Heart of Texas Crime Stoppers and community schools help provide a safe working and learning environment for the students, faculty and school staff.