L.W. "Tisch" Tischler has been in the car wash business since 1974, venturing out on his own two years later. Working from a shop at their home, he's enlisted the help of the whole family, at one time or another. 

The Tischler family also comprises his wife, Jaci (pronounced with a k), his children - Natalie, Jason, Crystal, and Jeff. A grandson, Forest, also worked in the family business, prior to his Army enlistment.

"We all had various jobs to do," said Jaci Tischler.

"Tisch" continues to operate Wash Systems, Inc. from the shop at their home in May. From there he manufactures car wash systems and parts and Jason, now 38, takes care of the service side of the business. 

In the early 1990s, the Tischler's assumed the property at 410 Main St., in Brownwood. Gradually, the entire property was renovated and converted to the Main Street Car Wash, again, with the help of the entire family. Once completed, Jaci took over running the car wash, and "Tisch" focused on the manufacturing.

Jaci smiled, as she said, "Not every husband buys their wife a car wash." 

On Thursday, Main Street Car Wash celebrated its seventeenth year of operation.

On average, the business employs about 15, including 5 full-time. The manager, Victor Marin, has been with the Tischlers for 15 years and Veronica Soliz, assistant manager, for five.

"Tisch" and Jason maintain the equipment, actually installing all new equipment in the wash conveyor area, but Jaci handles all of the day-to-day operations.

The business is somewhat seasonal, considering there is a lot of water involved, subject to freezing. 

Jaci said, "We don't open if the temperature is below freezing and if the north wind is blowing, we can't open the front doors, because even a windchill below 32 degrees will freeze the brushes." 

Main Street is a full-service car wash and detail shop, cleaning vehicles as large as truck-tractors and RVs and as small as motorcycles and ATVs.

"We wash some really cool antique cars, too," Jaci said, "But we wash them carefully, by hand, because of the custom paint."

The Ticshler's also own and operate All-Seasons Car Wash, in Fort Worth, "the oldest car wash in the metroplex," Jaci said. There, the couple employs an average of 20 employees, five of which are full-time.

With the exception of Jason, the other children have gotten out of the car wash business. Natalie, now 42, makes jewelry for her own company, Crystal works for the U.S. Forestry Service and lives in Albuquerque, N.M., and Jeff is a motorcycle technician at Stroker's Dallas.

For more information on Main Street Car Wash, call (325)643-5001.