To whom it may concern

I have known John Lawson for approximately 4 years. I came to know John as he was a candidate in a prior election for J.P. Precinct 2. I found him to be a person of common sense, with great integrity and character. I have found John to be a person seeking to educate himself, seeking facts, truth and being successful in that endeavor.

I have spoken with both candidates who are in opposition to Bob Wall, Precinct 2 J.P. It is my belief that the only person that I can conscientiously support is John Lawson.

I am confident that John Lawson is the person to provide honesty, character, fairness, impartiality and, most importantly, justice to the position of Justice of the Peace Court... a court that has been lacking with a great void for many years. John will provide all of these qualities of service to all persons involved in all types of litigation in that court.

Please support and vote for John Lawson for J.P. Court Precinct 2.


Don Yoes

Brownwood P.D. (retired after 26 1/2 years service)