Brownwood ISD Superintendent Reece Blincoe could hardly contain his excitement.

“I got my man,” Blincoe said after the district's school board named Brownwood High School Assistant Principal Mitch Moore the school's new principal. Moore will succeed Bill Faircloth, who is retiring at the end of the current school year. The Board announced the selection after a short executive session during its regular meeting Monday.

“Mitch just shines,” Blincoe said. “His leadership has been impeccable. What he is going to provide us in terms of leadership and diretion and just a fresh perspective is just second to none.

“You want your best man leading your flagship and I've got my best man leading the flagship.”

Moore said he has been with the district for 19 years and that he feels much like he did in spring 2009 when he became an assistant principal.

“Dr. Blincoe gave me an opportunity five years ago to move into administration,” Moore said. “And now he is giving me another opportunity and I am very grateful.”

Moore is a 1986 graduate of Brownwood High School and taking the reins as principal is something he says is gratifying.

“I'm excited,” he said. “I have always been in Brownwood and I am excited to continue to be in Brownwood.”

After his time as an assistant principal, Moore said he is looking forward to being the one at the helm.

“I am excited for it,” he said. “I've been preparing for it, so I am excited for the new opportunity.

“I am going to go to work each day and try to get things done.”

And Moore says he has a recipe for getting those things done.

“Hire good people,” he said. “Get good teachers and they take care of the business. They take care of the students and we have great students here in Brownwood.”

And being a Lion from the beginning is an asset, Blincoe said.

“It helps a lot,” Blincoe said. “Because he understands the traditions of Brownwood and he understands our tie to the community and what our community means to us.

“All of the business relationships, he already has that. So we can be out there twisting arms and saying we need a little help here or we need a little help there.”

And Blincoe doesn't see Moore as a short-timer, either.

“You always want to find a guy that you know can give you a decade or more,” he said. “Ten years is a long time.

“He's still a young man. He's still got a lot of energy in him and we are going to take advantage of that and really put him to work.”

In other action, the Board approved the school calendar for the 2014-2015 calendar year, discussed the possibility of discontinuing secondary insurance for Brownwood ISD athletics and listened to a presentation from Direct Energy about a plan to offer Brownwood residents a contract plan for reduced electrical rates that would also provide money for school district needs.