Readers might recognize the name Tim Schoen for his work with the Heart of Texas Chapter of Buckmasters American Deer Foundation, taking area disabled and seriously ill kids, and wounded veterans on hunting adventures.

While the BADF is fortunate to have him, Schoen is fortunate enough to to own and operate his own business that permits him the time needed to do the hunts right.

Schoen's love for the outdoors translates perfectly to his business of creating outdoor cooking equipment. Schmokers Custom Pits designs and builds custom barbecue pits and smokers, from a small backyard grill to competition size, trailer mounted pits large enough to cook a whole hog and more. Schoen enjoys cooking and knows what it takes to make a good cooker. He'll design one for the customer, from the ground up, or the customer can tell him what they want it to include.

"If you can dream it," Schoen said, "I can build it."

His current large project is remodeling the door configuration on a tandem-axle trailer mounted cooker for Central Texas Auto Recyclers. It's a really big cooker, incorporating large vertical and horizontal smokers, a gas flat grill, a gas range, fire box, wood storage, and equipment storage box.

Schoen is a 1996 graduate of Early High School and 2001 graduate of Howard Payne University, where he studied business. He recalls designing and building a trailer hitch-mounted boom and hoist, for lifting deer into the bed of a pickup, for one of his business classes. 

"While everyone else was using the internet for their business models, mine was on the supplies and labor costs, manufacturing, and distribution of my hoist," Schoen said, "Dr. [Les] Plagens still remembers that and mentions it every time I see him."

In addition to the pits, Schmokers will build custom backyard or campground fire pits and even integrate removable cooking grates, if needed. Other specialties include custom steak flippers and steak brands, with deer antler handles, custom pepper-popper holders, woks and stands, and deer antler back-scratchers. 

Schmokers will also repair your pit, remodel it, or replace the rusted fire box. If it involves outdoor cooking, there's a good chance Schmokers has done it or is ready to do it before anyone else.

For more information on Schmokers Custom Pits with lots of photos, to share outdoor cooking recipes, or to just talk about hunting, visit the Facebook page, checkout the website at, or call Tim Schoen at (512) 573-0005.