Girl Scouts of Central Texas extends its annual cookie sale through March 2, 2014, due to weather.

Just when you thought you were almost out of time to stock up on your favorite Girl Scout cookies — you’re in luck. Girl Scouts of Central Texas is excited to announce the extension of cookie sales. The community has shown great response to this year’s sale and we want everyone to get their fill! We would also like to remind the public about our “7th Box”. This virtual box may be purchased as a donation and token of appreciation for our troops and local first responders. So if someone is on a diet or their cupboard is full, they can still support the Girl Scouts and our military and local heroes by purchasing the “7th Box”. So, if you can’t eat it, treat it!

We can’t control the weather (still haven’t learned that at camp!) but we can give our girls more time to reach their sales goals! Due to the unusual cold weather in the area, many girls have been unable to set up booths and go door to door to offer the delicious treats customers love so much. We understand! So we’ve decided to give everyone more time to sell and buy their favorite cookies this season.

The Girl Scout cookie program is a financial literacy initiative intended to teach girls how to run a business and acquire five important skills that will serve them throughout life: goal setting, money management, decision making, people skills, and business ethics. The money raised by the sale stays in our Council and goes back into meaningful, quality leadership programming.