This letter is in reference to our County Attorney’s office. Being elected officials, I thought it was their job to look into any problem citizens of this county experienced that are criminal in nature. My living is from rental property around the lake area. I had a two bedroom one bath home located behind the bank off Hwy. 279. In June of 2011, I had it rented to a person that had children and while this person was at work, the children were playing with a cigarette lighter and caught some clothing on fire which resulted in burning my rental home to the ground. This is confirmed in the Brownwood Fire Dept. Investigation Profile Report.

Now to the problem. I went to the County Attorney's office to seek criminal action against this person that had the property rented. I was told, “file on your insurance.” Having other rental properties, the cost is prohibitive to insure them. I was told by Mrs. Byrd that she would get back to me. Several months passed and contacted the CA office again, being told they would get back to me. Again about two months passed so I became persistent and called about every other day. Finally I was told by a secretary that Mrs. Byrd ask not to call back as the CA office would not seek charges. I was asking to talk to the County Attorney during this time and never once got to talk to him. I never received an explanation as why the CA office would not pursue my case.

Then I talked to my county commissioner, Larry Traweek, and he said he could not do anything to help. I was hoping that at least he would check in with the CA office and see if he could get an explanation. A parent is responsible for the actions of their children. But I guess that a $50,000 rental property doses not qualify?

I found out through an individual that the CA office considered this crime a misdemeanor and the two year statue of limitation is up. So this makes it very convenient that nothing can be done now. I guess the old saying “if you put a problem off long enough, it will go away.” Well it went away for the CA office, but not for me.

I hope no one else in the county has to endure a situation as I have gone through. I will not vote for these elected officials again. Is some of our county government getting like our national government?

Craig Smith

Lake Brownwood