The good people of the City of Brownwood allowed me to serve our community as a member of the City Council from 1975 to 2010, and for 26 of those years I was privileged to serve as Major of Brownwood. During that period of time Brownwood and Brown County were ably served in the House of Representatives, most recently by Jim Keffer, who continues to ably serve us as our State Representative. As Mayor of Brownwood it was my privilege to work with all who have served as State Representative for the last 35 years.

Of necessity, local government officials need advice, direction, and intercession from the State Representative, with State Agencies and it is always hoped, that one's State Representative will be willing, ready and able to help meet local needs. State Representative Jim Keffer was, and is one who more meets such ready, willing and able criteria. As a matter of fact, Jim is so attentive to the needs of Brownwood and Brown County, that he might as well be a resident here as is evidenced by the amount of time he spends in our community. I never called on Jim for help that I didn't receive it. I am sure that this is the case today with our current Mayor and members of the City Council.

Besides being ready, willing and able to help, Jim's seniority in the Texas House of Representatives, and the high degree of respect with which he is held by his fellow legislators not to mention his service as a major House Committee Chairman, means that he has a voice that is heard at the highest level in the halls of State Government. I know this is the case based on my many trips to Austin on behalf of the City of Brownwood.

Jim Keffer now asks for our support to be re-nominated as State Representative in the Republican Primary. No one seeks the office of State Representative in the Democratic Party Primary. Jim has no personal ax to grind. He serves in the legislature for the sole purpose of doing his best for the benefit of the people of Texas. He is a conservative mainstream Republican and even more importantly, a very good man. He is a business owner, long time civic worker in his community, worker in youth activities in his community, husband, father, a grandfather, and a man of faith. Jim's witness for his Lord and Savior is the way in which he lives his life.

Jim has an opponent in the Republican Primary, and I urgently request, that we, the people of Brown County express our appreciation for Jim's long and effective service to us by turning out in large numbers and casting our votes for Jim Keffer for State Representative in the Republican Primary. Early voting begins Feb. 18, and primary election day is March 4.

Bert V. Massey II

Former Mayor, City of Brownwood