I am writing to request your support for State Rep. Jim Keffer during the March 4, primary. I and my family have personally known Jim and his wife, Leslie, as well as his entire family for over 35 years. This includes his parents, James and Jean Keffer; his brother, Bill; his in-laws, Earl and Billye Bradley; as well as his children, Brad, Chris and Rob Keffer. They have been personal friends, church leaders, and respected leaders in the community, that I can personally say I endorse totally to lead our district in the same dedicated way he has led since he was elected.

Jim is well respected, leads his family corporation (EBAA IRON), and is well respected by all who have met him. He is a patriot of his county, a leader in his church and community, and loved by all who know him for his love for the state of Texas and his family. He is one I would trust to make any decisions regarding my future and the state of Texas.

During his term he has helped bring about: the balanced budget; a $1 billion tax cut; increased funding for public education; 50 year state water plan; upped border security; support for veterans; strengthen gun and private property owners rights; stronger pro-life and pro-families programs; and drug testing for unemployment benefits.

I sincerely ask your vote and support of my friend and the state of Texas' friend, Jim Keffer. He will continue to lead those who stand by the values and love of our great state and our entire nation.

Thank you for voting for my friend, leader, and patriot of our county.

A friend and dedicated backer of Jim Keffer

Carolyn White