Results from February Region II Waco competitions include:

Entrepreneur Sr. – 2nd place, Caitlin Jester “Sweet Café”

Food Innovations Jr. – 3rd place, Brittney Bowden & Jessica Walker “Pop Stars”

Food Innovations Sr. – 4th place, Makayla Pena & Marissa Villalpando “Sweet Treats”

National Programs Sr. – 6th place, Gracie Fuentes & Taylor Francois “Are You Drug Free?”

Advocacy Jr. – Erin Anderson & Canda Makuta “Fight for Life”

Nutrition & Wellness – Christopher Freeland “Invisible Epidemic”

Culinary Arts competitors at Region and Invitational events included: Cody Curty, Wyatt Michael, Caleb Rudloff, Kylynn Shumate, Michelle Massey, and Megan Baker. Judges and assistants included: Megan Jackson, Kayllie Daniels, and Alissia Theriaque. Chapter advisors attending included: Rachel Hall and Larry Fischer.

The State FCCLA Star Events Competition will be held April 9-12 in Corpus Christi.