Although not a native of Brownwood, Daniel Hunt has been here for about 14 years, now. Originally from Denver City, Hunt arrived as a student of Howard Payne University. When he graduated, in 2004, Brownwood had become home.

Hunt currently works full-time as the floor manager for the Sears store, in Early, but is pursuing his passions of art and creative writing. He obtained a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, from HPU, and also studied creative writing.

His first book was published in January, the first in a series of five. Hunter and the Hounds (Avalon from Ashes) is a fantasy story following the adventures of The King’s Hunter, as he tracks and captures thieves and killers. According to the Amazon description, “The Hunter is set on the trail of a kidnapper, who has stolen away a child from a neighboring king.” Using his wiedmurths, a rare breed of hound, The Hunter “pursues the kidnapper, Thias, through the lands of Goretoore, a dwarves wizard in tow.”

Hunt is is working on completing the second installment, which should be available by the end of the year, and has started the third. Shortly after its release, Hunter and the Hounds commanded the top search position in Amazon’s search engine, overtaking a book that was published in 2008.

“Developing the world took over six years,” Hunt said, “and the first draft of writing took eight months.”

Also an artist and graphic designer, Hunt created all of the original artwork, including the maps, as well as created the website to promote the series.

Hunt’s creative drive is also exhibited in other digital art and design, oil painting, and ink drawing. Past endeavors have included work on a comic book.

He’s already planning future writing projects, including a children’s series with the working title, Corridor.

Hunt encourages young writers and artists to be persistent.

“If you want to write, start reading,” Hunt said, “Once you start writing just keep writing.”

Hunter and the Hounds is available on Amazon, in digital and paperback formats.

For more information and to track the progress of the series, visit the Facebook page, Decraigent The Kings Hunter, or follow @Kings Hunter on Twitter.