Where they are now . . .

Brookesmith, Texas is a small community only accessible by Farm to Market and County Roads. It’s the kind of place that remains with a person, once they leave; where roots are never forgotten. Shauna and Sarah Dodds haven’t forgotten, although their careers have taken them to places just a little bit different from Mustang Gym.

Okay, more than just a little bit. On Jan.26, 2014, the sisters took the stage in the 950,000 square foot Staples Center, in Los Angeles, and their images and voices were broadcast to more than 28 million viewers. The Brookesmith natives were awarded a Grammy for Best Recording Package, for their design of the CD packaging for an album by the Austin based band, Reckless Kelly, entitled Long Night Moon.

On stage that night, Sarah and Shauna were obviously elated and surprised.

“We didn’t prepare anything,” Shauna said, “because we really didn’t expect to be up here.”

In addition to the traditional acknowledgments, Shauna expressed their gratitude for their parents.

“Thank you to our parents, for always supporting our creativity and instilling in us . . .”

Sarah joined to add, “and the big bucket of used crayons, when we were little.”

After the initial excitement has somewhat calmed, the sisters were asked what the Grammy meant to them, in terms of personal achievement.

Shauna replied, “It’s been almost two weeks and Sarah and I still can’t wrap our heads around what this means for us. Where we stand today is not where we expected to be.”

“Our category was packed full of some of the biggest names in the industry, pitting us against unlimited budgets,” Shauna said, “For the Recording Academy to have chosen our work as the winner . . . It’s simply overwhelming and humbling.”

It really shouldn’t have been a surprise. The design of the Long Night Moon package is extraordinary. Hidden images, secret codes, a lunar map with the stars meticulously aligned and historically accurate depictions of moon phases (many visible only with the included LED UV light) . . . The 12-panel poster fold-out insert, alone, is reason enough to buy the album. But, it is definitely befitting the great — sometimes soulful and sometimes upbeat — Texas country music by Reckless Kelly.

And how might the Grammy effect their future?

“Who can say? All we can hope for is to continue to do what we love, for the people that inspire us. Maybe this will open a few doors to collaborate with some more of our heroes.”

The Dodds sisters combined their creative talents in 2004, forming their company, Backstage