LETTER TO EDITOR: February 25, 2014

For the last 5 years I, Donna Harris, have had the privilege of serving our community as the Director of The Salvation Army here in Brownwood. Many great opportunities to serve this wonderful community have been given with the love and support of so many great Volunteers and the Leaders of other agencies, schools, churches, and friends to both The Salvation Army and myself.

I say this to inform you all, I have decided to leave The Salvation Army to pursue other opportunities. I would appreciate your prayers and good thoughts as I look into a new chapter of my life. This chapter has been filled with so many warm thoughts and acts of kindness, compassion, and challenges, it will always be my favorite time in my life memories.

I do want to say ‘Thank you!’ to those who accepted me as a Leader and showed full respect of my responsibilities. I will be forever thankful to the wonderful Volunteers and Advisory Board that stood beside me and allow us to move forward in meeting the needs in our community together.

I do ask you continue the amazing support to The Salvation Army and the inspired new Director that will come soon. Please make him or her feel as welcome as you have made me, there is still a great deal of work to be done, look for ways to partner up with them and make it happen!

God bless you all!