Your publishing of this letter is of great importance to me because our Representative Jim Keffer is under attack. He is a Christian man of integrity, who as a Legislator, continually makes the State of Texas his priority.

Rep. Keffer is a strong supporter of public schools. His three sons graduated from public schools in House District 60, which he represents. His wife and daughter-in-law, are former public school teachers. He understands the need for public schools.

He is a friend to retired school personnel. He co-authored a bill that helped to make our retired school personnel's Defined Benefit Retirement Plan sound. This was a tremendous help to our retired school personnel, most of whom do not draw Social Security.

There are groups working in Texas to do away with our Retirement Plan. Their names sound good, but they are working to do away with public education and school personnel's Defined Benefit Plan.

I am extremely grateful for my education acquired through public schools. My parents could never have afforded to send me and my three siblings to a private school. All four of us graduated from college and became responsible citizens of Texas. Thank you, for public schools.

My sister and I have spent over 30 years teaching in public schools. Because of our Defined Benefit Retirement Plan, we are now enjoying retirement and can live comfortably.

We must continue to have men like Jim Keffer who protect our public schools and retirees. He stood up in the face of opposition and supported our schools and retirees and future retirees. That's the kind of person we need in Austin!

Please vote in the Primary. Early voting is Feb. 18-28. Primary Election is March 4.


Carole Clower, Retired Teacher