In a startling revelation of new policy, Sec. of Education Arne Duncan and Democratic Congressmen recently proposed that teachers should be assigned to schools as determined by federal agents in order to guarantee equitable distribution of the nation’s best teachers to meet needs of minority students. This high-handed federal method of assigning America’s teachers under the label of fairness and equality is nothing new. Communist China has been doing it for decades under a progressive national agenda that determines where college graduates are placed in the “People’s Republic.”

Whereas our nation is accustomed to efforts by the Obama Administration to change America into a progressive, socialist culture, this recent move by the Dept. of Education is not only startling, but is downright frightening to teachers and state legislatures who embrace free enterprise and the American open market system. God help us if federal agents are empowered to determine where teachers are employed. We have had enough “change” under this progressive Democratic administration. Let’s vote them out of office in 2014 before they change our nation into a duplicate of China!


Ronald E. Johnson