The Bangs High School CX debate team of senior Cameron Rockett and junior Christopher Freeland won the District 6-2A CX debate championship and will compete at the state meet March 10-11.

Bangs debate coach Stacy Walker paired the two as a team for the first time when he submitted his district entries. They had only one meet — four rounds to adjust to working together.

“We knew we had to put our best students together,” Walker said. “We felt that this combination would allow us the greatest possibility of a advancing to the state tournament.”

Freeland acknowledges being a little uncertain about the arrangement.

“We weren’t sure about the change at first,” Freeland said. “We knew that we could work together because we had before this year in Congress. But once we ran the affirmative case that I had written and it worked, we knew that we clicked.”

Rockett was a little more comfortable with the change because he has worked with a different partner every year.

“I’ve gotten used to different styles of debate since I’ve worked with other partners,” Rockett said.” I knew that Christopher is very strong in knowing his case and is very fundamentally solid in his debating technique. I knew that this would help balance my more laid-back approach to the contest.”

Cameron Rockett who is making his second appearance at the state tournament says that debate has taught him many skills.

“CX debate has taught me not only social skills, but it has also helped me to observe multiple aspects of challenges that I face and to find ways to overcome them,” Rockett said. “I finally have a chance to win an argument with my dad.”

Christopher Freeland is no stranger to state competition. He was named to the All-Star Cast at the 2013 state OAP contest. This is his second year to participate in CX debate.

“CX debate isn’t much like theater,” Freeland said. “I do think they share some aspects of delivery. In theater you say things to emotionally impact the audience, but in debate you emphasize the issue at hand and use facts and logic to show how your plan is the best solution.”

Long hours working on cases, getting up early on cold mornings to head to tournaments: these are just a few of the memories that debaters share.

“I have a ton of memories,” Rockett said, “including the people I met and the terrible rounds and the funny rounds. Debate has definitely taught me that you don’t always get your way, but when you do, enjoy every minute of it.”

For Freeland, the extra benefits of debate outweigh the difficulties.

“I have learned so many skills that I use in other areas like FCCLA, other UIL contests, in the classroom, at home,“ Freeland said. “These are skills that I will use after I graduate from high school and beyond college.”