Dear Brownwood, Brown County and surrounding Counties,

In recent weeks we have seen and heard negative ads and lies about a good friend of ours, Jim Keffer. We are not the kind of folks to respond to such slander... normally. In this case however, the opponent has gone as far as to attack his Christianity and we could no longer remain silent.

We have known Jim for over 10 years. He has always been an huge advocate for our community and Texas. He has supported our youth at countless youth fairs, spoken to Bible study groups, and is devoted to the needs of our rural district.

While most of the elected folks in Austin don't understand the needs of rural folks, Jim does! He fights for our public school teachers, our Senior citizens and businesses that provides the livelihood of Brownwood and the surrounding areas. When water was scarce and property rights were being attacked, we had strong leadership to fight for us.

We need influential leaders, like Jim, in Austin! Incumbent is often demonized, but who is in a better position to advocate for us? Someone that know and understands our district r someone that is funded by big city money groups that know nothing of our needs.

Lastly, and most importantly, Luke 6:37 says “judge not, and you will not be judge; forgive, and you will be forgiven.” sadly, Jim Keffer's opponent has not taken that scripture to heart! He has attacked Jim's faith and suggested he was not a Christian. We firmly believe that a person faith can be seen when you look at their Bible. The more worn the pages, the more time they have spent in God's Word. We have seen that worn, marked scriptures, in his Bible! He is a leader of his Church in Eastland and he has worshiped with us at our Church.

On Feb. 18, early voting began. We will cast our vote for Jim Keffer, a proven leader, advocate for Brown County, and friend. We ask for you to please vote for Jim Keffer also.

Connie and Russell Thomas