Brown County Sheriff's officials released the following press release Thursday afternoon:

According to Sheriff Bobby Grubbs, on Tuesday, February 13, 2014, an internal investigation was initiated concerning employee associations with an eight-liner business in the North Lake area of Brown County. It was determined that two employees were in violation of departmental Professional Conduct policies concerning their association with questionable activity (promotion of gambling). Effective this morning, both employees were terminated from employment with the Sheriff’s Office for policy violations.

 Mike Holder was employed as a part time Medical Clerk who had been employed for about nine months. Michelle Holder was a deputy, primarily assigned to environmental enforcement and had been employed about six years.

 Comment from Sheriff Grubbs: “I want to remind the citizens of Brown County that the Sheriff’s Office is comprised of conscientious people who have very high standards. I am especially proud of our organization as a whole. Our employees work diligently to serve the public in an honorable way with low pay and often difficult circumstances. Our employees are expected to comply with the high demand for personal character expected by law enforcement and expressed in our Professional Conduct policy. The public we serve has the right to expect this fully.”

 This investigation is expected to continue for some time in cooperation with the appropriate state agencies. No other details or comments concerning the investigation will be released for this reason.