COLEMAN The prosecution continued putting on its case Tuesday in the capital murder trial of Lanny Bush in 42nd District Court in Coleman.

Bush, 54, is charged in the September 2012 death of his former girlfriend, Michele Reiter of Brownwood. Reiter's body was found in a shallow grave in Coleman County two weeks after she was reported missing.

35th District Attorney Micheal Murray and First Assistant District Attorney Sam Moss are assisting 42nd District Attorney Heath Hemphill in prosecuting the case.

Jurors spent much of Tuesday watching a video of an interview Texas Rangers Nick Hanna and Danny Crawford conducted of Reiter on Sept. 19, 2012, at a DPS facility in San Angelo.

That interview led the Rangers to arrest Bush on a charge of online impersonation, Hanna testified.

On the video, Bush can be heard telling the Rangers that he grew up in Brownwood and held many different jobs, and had two daughters and a son from previous relationships.

Bush said he and Reiter met in 2008. He said the two referred to each other as husband and wife, although they were never married.

Early Tuesday, testimony from Brownwood police detective Brian Tompkins included details that Bush's and Reiter's cell phones had both been at the location where Reiter's body was buried.

On Sept. 10, a text message from Reiter's phone to her friend Denise Worrell indicated that "Rocky" had called and she was going to meet him and would be home late, Tompkins testified.

Sept. 10 was the last time Reiter, who worked at Home Depot in Brownwood, was seen alive.

Rocky was an online persona created by Bush, according to testimony.

Defense attorney Perry Sims sought to show through cross-examination that investigators had focused nay on Bush while ignoring other possible suspects.

Sims challenged Tompkins' decisions to not have blood drops and fingerprints in Reiter's car, or chewing gum found outside the car, analyzed. Tompkins said there wouldn't have been any way of knowing how long those blood drops had been present.

Sims also established through cross-examination that police had spoken with another man who hadn't been honest about his relationship with Reiter. The man's wife and Reiter had a telephone altercation.

But Tompkins testified that all of the evidence led investigators to Bush.