Students at East Elementary, Northwest Elementary, and Woodland Heights Elementary were treated to a performance of “Two Pigs and T.H.E. Wolf” by Storybook Theatre on May 8, and 9. The presentation, a take-off on The Three Little Pigs, emphasized the benefits of making proper choices even in the most difficult circumstances. The performance was paid for by the Arts Council of Brownwood, with the help of a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

“In all my years of education, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed and appreciated the performance they did of ‘Two Pigs and T.H.E. Wolf,’” said East Elementary principal, Nanda Wilbourn. “This play taught our kids values that we stress everyday—good character, obedience, responsibility, and self-control. Thank you, Arts Council and Texas Commission on the Arts, for this investment in our children.”

The Storybook Theatre website provides additional details regarding the organization:

Storybook Theatre has been touring the United States for 23 years. In August, they will spend three weeks in Beijing, China. A proud Winner of the 2009 National Endowment of the Arts “Best in the Arts” American Masterpieces Award, Storybook Theatre has performed at countless theaters, schools, festivals, public libraries, teacher workshops, businesses and other events across the nation. This creative group of artists was founded in 1991 and continues to tour with their superbly crafted blend of theater arts and storytelling that is designed to promote literacy in our youth. Recognized and supported by Texas Commission on the Arts, they have been on TCA’s touring roster for numerous years, enabling presenters to receive funding for programming. Often classified as “edutainers,” they combine entertainment skills and education techniques to engage their audiences, creating a desire in young minds to excel in reading and life. Using costumes, puppets, props, exaggerated voices, singing, and lots of interaction with the children, Storybook Theatre literally brings popular children’s classic tales and original stories to life right before the eyes of their adoring and enamored young audiences.

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