The weather on Easter weekend was just lovely. The neighbors of the Regency Bridge took advantage of it, and with a row boat and elbow grease removed a stove, a lawn mower, and a new propane torch and bottle that had been tossed into the river under the bridge the previous Saturday night.

The following Saturday night, April 26, from around midnight to one on the morning, a group of young people, both boys and girls, gathered on the bridge to have a little party. Sunday morning, there below the West side of the bridge was a refrigerator and a tire. On the East side of the bridge, the refrigerator's door, another tire and what appeared to be about three empty cases of beer floated. They all joined the beer keg that could not be recovered the week before.

Besides being an historic sight, the area around the Regency bridge is one of the most spectacular places in Texas. If we ignore the beauty and take only an economic view, we should remember that the Regency Bridge is a draw for tourists who spend their money in the surrounding communities. There are no fewer than 19 web sights devoted to this bridge. Once someone decides to post pictures of the trash on the internet, who will want to come to see a bridge surrounded by garbage? We would do well to teach our children that proud Texans do not trash their heritage.

Jill Allford