I don’t think my expectations are too high. But maybe they are.

I could convince you they aren’t (we’re still talking about expectations) by writing something like this: “All I want is a washer and dryer that wash and dry without my having to use a coat hanger, the claws of my hammer or a pair of pliers to get either of the machines to do what they were designed to do. Also (and this may seem major, I know) I want, when I come into the utility room there not to be a puddle of water by the washer on the utility room floor.

“And – oh yeah – I want, when I sit down to my computer and click on the red, yellow, green and blue ‘Google Chrome’ icon, to quickly connect to the Internet.”

See how that works? Anytime you begin your want list with “All I” the magnitude of your desires seems to diminish and become manageable.

The washer and dryer issues have been building for a while now. I have been patient.

When the knob meant to set the wash cycle broke, I used the hammer claw to turn the knob stem to the right cycle. When the stem to determine water temperature fell back into the machine, I either washed everything in “warm” or turned the hot water off at the wall. The dryer timer went haywire, so I used my cell phone alarm to remind me when to check to see if things were dry, or to remind me it was time to take out the clothes/sheet/towels.

But that day in June when the puddle appeared under the washer, I muttered … Ahem, OK … the edited version or general context of what I muttered was, “That’s it. I’m calling Rudy.”

Rudy is the washer/dryer guru in San Angelo. Been in business here 40 years, and what he can’t fix he can quickly replace with an older model, top-of-the-line, completely refurbished machine, that, for my money is better than new.

“Mrs. Fulton, where have you been?” Rudy asked when I called to see if he could fix my problem. We hadn’t talked in a dozen years, but he seemed glad to hear from me.

I painted a grim picture of my situation, and like that, Rudy told me of a mismatched pair he had – top of the line Maytag washer (older model) and Kenmore dryer. No knobs, all push-button, he said. The dryer’s got a glass door so I can watch the clothes tumble and dry – if I want to.

“They’re black,” he said, “so they will still look OK beside each other.”

I don’t know if I’m an easy sell, or typically desperate woman without high expectations. But, with Rudy doing the heavy lifting, putting in, taking out, checking the connections and making sure they all work, it seemed to go smoothly. My “all I want” quotient was met.

That is, until I sat down at my computer, clicked on the red, yellow, green and blue “Google Chrome” icon, to quickly connect to the Internet – and nothing happened. Well a little blue wheel spun around, and around, and around, and around. You get the idea.

This has been happening frequently. I’m tired of it. It doesn’t happen all the time, every time, but it happens most of the time when I mostly need it not to. It happens enough that I have the advanced computer technical support guys listed as favorites in my phone contact list.

These guys are available 24/seven. They’re sympathetic to my needs, but they don’t get my jokes or ask where I’ve been. (Maybe because I’ve talked to one of their co-hearts in the last 48 hours, so they haven’t exactly missed me.) I’ve resisted telling them about my recent washer/dryer issues, and that for a long time I was able to do temporary fixes on those machines with a coat hanger, pliers and a hammer claw. And I don’t mention that if I wanted to watch things go round, and round, and round, and round, I have a new-to-me dryer with a glass door.

They – so far – have corrected the problem (and it seems to always be a different issue) each time. But they don’t promise it’s going to stay fixed, and they have no thoughts on why there are frequent recurrences.

It’s OK. All I want, is to send this column off and have the Internet connection to do it.

Well, maybe that’s not all I want. But it will do for now.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Candace Cooksey Fulton is a freelance writer, formerly of Brownwood, living now in San Angelo. She can be reached at ccfulton2002@yahoo.com .