It was a look of disbelief on Cameron Seale's face as he heard his named called on Saturday evening as the winner of Brownwood's Got Talent.

Seale didn't participate last year in the event, and had no plans to enter this year.

But plans change and so has Seale's future, now that he has an opportunity to hang out with the night's headlining band Restless Heart before the concert begins.

"It is pretty cool," Seale said. "I didn't do it last year and wasn't really intending on doing it this year, but I got talked into it and it turned out pretty good."

The 20-year old from Brownwood earned the right to play one song, after beating out 11 other contestants, on the Celebration Stage just before Restless Heart took the stage to end the second day of the 2014 Brownwood Reunion Celebration.

And while Seale wasn't ultimately familiar with the headliners, he was more than overjoyed to get the opportunity to play before a big audience.

"I'm pretty pumped up," Seale said about opening for Restless Heart. "It is gonna be a lot of fun. I haven't listened to a whole lot of them until recently, but I have plenty family and friends who love them and they are an awesome band. I am excited."

Seale, a 2012 graduate of Brownwood High School, where he played football and golf, has been playing music for the last eight or nine years, but is now ready to move forward with what could be a lucrative career.

"I'm hoping (to make this into a career)," Seale said. "It is kind of a slow process now, but I am hoping I can get some stuff recorded. Then we will see what happens."

The former Lion is headed to Tennessee in early October and hopes to get some of his music recorded.

"I am trying to get some stuff recorded," Seale said. "I am going to Nashville here in a couple of weeks to see some friends, and I will record some stuff while I am there."

Kyla Duncan finished second, while Aaron Tassin was third.'

The other finalists were Samantha Bush Kerner, All Dat Snazz, Kellee Greenwood, Jeanice Padilla, Sid Perkins, Wayne Harris, Cody Sellers, Destanie Rawls and TYME.

As for the winner, you can see Seale online at

Brownwood celebrated its massive, annual Reunion in a relaxed, pleasant fashion as mild temperatures and a little rain in the afternoon on Saturday generated an enjoyable outing.

After being treated to the music of Pat Green Friday night, Reunion-goers were treated to the annual parade, which included the marching bands of Brownwood and Early high schools.

On the midway and surrounding area, people by the annual ritual of the Hands on a House contest and watched the contestants for a few moments, and the contestants looked back.

There were plenty of other sights, sounds — and aromas — to captivate: food, music, the carnival and other spectacles such as the HOSA dunking booth, where ball handlers gleefully sent the good-natured "victims" including Todd Lewis, principal of Coggin Elementary School, and Andy Gill, assistant principal at Brownwood High School, plunging into a tank filled with water.

"Go Weston, Go Weston! someone called out as a boy wound up for a pitch that sent Lewis into the water.

"Weston, come here, boy!" Lewis called out as he pulled himself from the water and offered his conqueror a high-five.

In other events on Saturday, Jamie Lopez was crowned the overall champion of the BBQ Cook-Off contest.

After cooking for nearly two days, Lopez finished second in both the chicken and rib categories, while taking first place in Brisket.

That was enough to grab the overall title, just ahead of second place finisher Dale Patterson.

Patterson finished first in both chicken and rib categories, but was third place brisket and that gave him the overall finish of second.

Jake Davis finished third in the overall category, after taking third in chicken, seventh in ribs and fourth in brisket.

Rounding out the top 5 overall was Ryan Powell in fourth and James Cook in fifth. Places six through 10 were occupied, in order, by Derrick Hoffman, Kelly Skelton, Paul Solis, Paul Knight and Bobby Haggerton.

The final standings in chicken was Patterson in first, Lopez second, Davis third, Powell fourth, Haggerton fifth, Cook sixth, Knight seventh, Keavon Amonett in eighth, Hoffman ninth and Kemper Croft in 10th.

The final standings for ribs was Patterson in first, Lopez second, Skelton third, Solis fourth, Hoffman fifth, Tom Puckett in sixth, Davis seventh, Cook eighth, Terry Edgar in ninth and Karry Snyder in 10th.

The final standings in brisket was Lopez in first, Powell second, Patterson third, Davis fourth, Cook fifth, Hoffman sixth, John Gibson in seventh, Ricky Brooks in eighth, Knight ninth and Skelton in 10th.

On Saturday morning, the Celebration began with the 10k/5k Reunion Run and 1.5 Walk.

17-year old Justin Gomez of Brownwood grabbed the win in the 10k run. Gomez finished in a total time of 39 minutes and 35.3 seconds. He ran a pace of 6:23 per mile.

Rounding out the top 5 was 16-year old Ben Berger (41:04.3) in second, 17-year old Reid Longabaugh (41:13.7) in third, 31-year old Phillipe Foix (41:44.9) in fourth and 26-year old Erich Bogensberger (41:57.4) in fifth.

The top finishing female was Samantha Burgess of Ballinger. The 30-year old finished in a time of 44:57.3, which was good enough for 12th overall.

In the 5k run, 17-year old Isaac Williams of May and 17-year old Jacob Allgood of Zephyr finished with the top time. The two shared first place with an overall time of 18:48.6. They both averaged 6:04 per mile.

Rounding out the top 5 in the 5k run was 16-year old Eli Williams (18:58.4) in third, 16-year old Hanna Sanchez of Abilene (19:14.1) in fourth and Alise Goldsmith (19:17.4) in fifth.

Sanchez was the top finishing female. She averaged 6:13 per mile.

In the Cross Country 5k, 23-year old Everett Wilder finished in a time of 17:59.8 to take the top spot. Wilder set a pace of 5:48 per mile to capture the victory.

Rounding out the top 5 in the Cross Country 5k was 14-year old Tim Hall (18:55.8) in second, 18-year old Bostick Dylan (19:43.9) in third, 18-year old Jose Sandoval (19:59.6) in fourth and 13-year old Isabella Lawrence (20:45.7) in fifth.

Lawrence was also the top female finisher.

In the Feels Like Home-Grand Parade, the top float was awarded to Brownwood Nursing and Rehab. Rounding out the top three was the float from Family Services Center in second and the float from Cross Classical Academy in third.

Today is the final day for the 2014 Brownwood Reunion Celebration. The Pride of Texas Midway opens at noon and will run through 8 p.m.

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Steve Nash contributed to this story.