The canvas' were set up and the paint was prepared at the Brownwood Art Association's weekly art classes Tuesday night as local art enthusiasts took their muse and applied it in their own way.

The classes, which call for beginners and those wanting to improve their art skill, have been going on for years now, and to some it's a way to find something that one may have enjoyed in past years down the road.

"I've been coming to these classes for the last two years and I always enjoy it," said the art center's current artist of the year Robert Priddy. "I enjoyed art a lot when I was in my younger years, but with raising a family, finances and all the standard things you run into in life it was tough to find time. Now that I'm older and wiser I wanted to get back into it."

Those who attend the class have the option to do pretty much whatever kind of art it is that they want and also receive insight from long time instructor Jeremy Serna.

"I tell the people who come in here to choose whatever medium it is that they want to partake in and whatever they choose, I'm willing to take them there," Serna said. "They bring something that they want to draw and paint and I work with them to get set up and help them throughout the process."

Artists can expect to receive one-on-one instruction from Serna in a course that relies on the individual working at their own pace.

"This isn't a course where everyone follows step-by-step instructions and does the same thing," he said. "Everyone learns at their own speed over the two hours and I help with whatever that I can to make sure that they come out successful."

Having the weekly classes is also something that Serna says is important to the area and those who live here.

"I believe that there should always be the opportunity for people to have this type of outlet," he said. "People get the misunderstanding that in order to take a drawing class you have to attend some academic school. I even made that mistake, but that isn't true. People here may not want to be a professional illustrator, they may just want to take it up as a hobby and that's the perfect place for that, but it's also a great place for someone who wants to take it further and expand their artistry skill."

Classes take place every Tuesday night from 6-8 p.m. and everyone aged 18 and older is welcome, those younger than 18 must have parental supervision, and Serna says that no willing artist will be turned away.

"It doesn't matter who comes in here, people who haven't ever been a hardcore artist are usually the ones I prefer to teach," he said. "The ones that love it, but don't know how to do it."