Most would say that the bar for funds raised at the annual Cherry Pie Auction would keep being raised. After all, the amount has solidly risen each year for the past decade.

But David Withers is still crossing his fingers.

“That’s the strange thing. Even after we collect, it’s really hard to know. I’m really hoping it does get bigger,” said Withers, who will manage the 41st annual event.

For the auction, a myriad of sports memorabilia, including a St. Louis Cardinal road jersey – worn and autographed by former Lions standout Shelby Miller in the MLB postseason – will be auctioned off inside the auditorium of the Adams Street Community Center on Feb. 21, scheduled 9 a.m. – noon. 

Last year’s auction raised more than $18,000, which then rose to nearly $22,000 days later after additional donations – a record amount that had leapfrogged the previous year’s amount by nearly $5,000.

The money raised is equally split into fifths among the Brownwood area youth sports -- Cent-Tex Soccer, Soccer For Fun, Teenage Baseball, Girls Softball and Freshman Baseball leagues. The funds help purchase equipment and bump down registration costs and fees.

“It’s amazing how the community has come out and support the different groups,” said parks and facilities secretary Yoena Johnston, who has worked the auction for 13 years.

Amid the hundreds of items that will be up for bid, ranging form food, automotive goods and tools, the sports memorabilia ranging from high school to the pros are always a hot ticket. Some of them are Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers.

“It’s cool how they can get some of the NFL ones,” Johnston said of the event, which will also be aired live on KOXE 101.3.

Businesses are contacted in advance to see if they are wiling to donate some of its products for the cause.

The high-valued items won’t be rolled in until the week leading up to Saturday’s auction, Withers said, but some house-related and vehicle-related items are currently are already in place.

“It’s really just a special thing to do,” Withers said. “I’m just amazed that the community can help (make this a success).”