The Brown County area has dodged dangerous weather thus far in 2015, however, the next test will come tonight and tomorrow as the National Weather Service (NWS) says conditions may become dangerous.

With several close calls this winter regarding freezing rain in the area, for the most part the roads have stayed clear in the Brown County area, but starting tonight that could change says NWS meteorologist Patrick McCullough.

"We're calling for a 50 or 60 percent chance of freezing rain tonight and tomorrow," he said. "The high Monday is 32 degrees and low Sunday is hanging around 27 degrees. We think the worst part of the freezing rain will take place between midnight Sunday and noon Monday."

Unfortunately, weather isn't something you can trust and right now the NWS is expecting the winter storm to go one of two ways.

"The temperatures will really be critical in what happens," said McCullough. "If it gets down to 27 or 28 degrees it's probably going to be a mess out there on the roads. If it stays around 32 then it will stick to overpasses, leaves, trees and other things, but the roadways won't be all that bad. The temperature is really what will determine what happens, but the potential for this to be pretty bad is definitely there."

As the day progresses, the NWS is urging those traveling or planning on traveling to keep up to date with the conditions and make sure you're prepared for the worst.

"We just ask that you keep an eye on the forecast," McCullough said. "Right now, plans shouldn't be altered."