The one year mark for the beginning of road construction on Austin Avenue is drawing near and as the date ticks closer drivers in the Brown County area are wondering just when one of the most traveled roads in Brownwood will be completed.

The project, which began on March 24, 2014, has seen progress come and go and the Texas Department of Transportation office in Brownwood says that completion is within sight.

"So far crews have begun widening the bridge in the construction zone and have installed the underground sewer pipes," said TxDOT public information officer Chelsea Humphrey. "They've also begun replacing the old roadway with the new base and asphalt and are working to install the new curb and gutter systems."

However, even though progress has been made, it's only on the one side of the road.

"Right now, there is still some paving work to be down on the side that's closed," Humphrey added. "Crews are continuing work on the bridge widening and the curbs and gutters. When this is finished, they will move traffic to the newly completed side and will begin work on the other side."

With the list of things still to be completed revealed, according to Humphrey, the $4.9 million project is currently on schedule to be completed in the late summer months or the early fall of 2015.

When the new roadway is finally done and driver ready, Humphrey gives some insight on what prospective drivers can expect.

"When this project is done, motorists can expect to experience enhanced safety and mobility through the area thanks to the additional wider lanes," she said. "the new curb and gutter system will mean improved drainage and it will be overall more safe for pedestrians thanks to the new sidewalks."