The Kiwanis Club's 63rd annual Pancake Supper was held at the Brownwood Coliseum. The building was filled to near capacity late Tuesday afternoon.

Investing in Brown County’s future one pancake at a time.

Those were the words used by veteran Kiwanis Club member Dennis Graham Tuesday evening at the Brownwood Coliseum when describing the club’s 63rd Pancake Supper, which featured a packed house as the smell of pancakes was noticeable from the street.

The event – the Kiwanis Club’s main fundraising event – featured all the pancakes and sausage patrons cared to eat, all the while pouring money into the club’s coffers while the club was kept busy pouring pancake batter on the griddles.

“I’m hearing the lines are moving fast, the food is great and the sausage is out of sight,” Graham said. “I want to thank the community for coming out and supporting us. I always say they are investing money in a pancake, they are investing money in our future.”

The money raised by Kiwanis Club directly benefits the youth of Brown County. The club donates money to Brown County Youth Fair, CASA, Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Boy Scouts of America, Latch Key, FCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Aktion Club, Brownwood Key Club, Toys for Tots, Hope Home Ministry and The Ark Domestic Violence Shelter.

Event organizer Clint Broughton was pleased with the turnout, which eased his nervousness heading into the event.

“I feel relieved,” Broughton said. “It is nice the day is here. It has been doing on so long, it just kind of kicks into gear. People know what to do. It is like a machine, you start it and it takes off and runs.”

The Kiwanis Club mixed up 750 pounds of pancake mix, which equals roughly 15,000 pancakes, according to Broughton. The club also had 6,000 sausage patties for the event.

Members of the Kiwanis Club were cooking the pancakes and sausage and received help from community members, along with the Brownwood Lionettes, Key Club members, Boys Scouts Troop 22 and the Cub Scouts, according to Broughton.

“We want to give a special thanks to the staff at the coliseum and the City of Brownwood,” Broughton said. “They are very easy to work with a do a tremendous job setting up and taking down the venue.

“We also get a lot of help from some of the youth organizations we support. The Boy Scouts help in the kitchen running batter to the cooks, as well as running food and drinks to the serving lines. The Brownwood High School Drill team and Key Club helped wait and bus tables. These young people work impressively hard and we appreciate their participation.”

Broughton was endeared as he saw the community come together to support the youth.

“I think it is just a testament to the good people in Brownwood,” Broughton said. “They are the kind of people who do selfless acts. They are not doing it for attention. They are doing it to help the community. They love it and are passionate about it.

“All the money we raise goes to the youth of Brown County. I think everybody rallies around that.”

Broughton said the real rush for pancakes and sausage came as the dinner hour arrived.

“We had a pretty good crowd right at 4:30 p.m.,” Broughton said. “We had people before them. The lines really started forming around 5 p.m.

“Everybody is glad it is still going on. It is a tradition. I talked to a couple of people who remember coming as a kid and they are 50-, 60-years old.”

Broughton said the event had a great tradition, and he was happy to see that extended in the community and within his own family.

“My child was here in attendance,” Broughton said. “It is something his great-grandparents have attended. I think at least five generations of my family have been in attendance.

“I just really appreciate everyone coming out. This is our biggest fundraiser. We really rely on it for our budget and to be able to do what we do for the youth of Brown County.”

Club member Jack Odom and Graham were happy with the turnout.

“I appreciate the turnout,” Odom said. “I have fun doing this job.”

“I think it has been a great turnout,” Graham said. “The Brownwood folks have shown up like they have in the past. We are going to have a lot of money to give back to the youth in the community.”

For Broughton, the event wouldn’t be what it is without the veteran leadership of the club.

“We have a core group of members that are committed to the Pancake Supper’s continued success,” Broughton said. “It doesn’t matter who leads the event, it’s a total team effort. The members who show up all pitch in and do their part from the ticket takers at the front door to the kitchen crew no one sees.

“It is hard work and a time commitment from everyone involved, but we enjoy the camaraderie,” Broughton said. “At the end of the night it is satisfying to see and feed most of the town and have raised a bunch of money for local youth. As long as the public keeps showing up and supporting the event, we are happy to continue the tradition and look forward to next year.”

Brent Addleman is managing editor of the Brownwood Bulletin. He can be reached by calling 325-641-3110, or email Twitter: @BWD_Editor.