The Brown County Commissioners' Court lifted the burn ban during Monday's meeting, but will discuss the topic at its meeting on Monday, Nov. 9.

The Brown County Commissioners’ Court unanimously voted to lift the burn ban that has been in effect for the past 2 ½ months.

However, according to County Judge Ray West, the burn ban that was in place was set to expire on Nov. 10, and an item pertaining to a possible reinstatement of the burn ban is on the next meeting agenda.

Commissioner Joel Kelton informed the court that “several counties around us do not have a burn ban,” when discussion opened on the matter.

County Judge Ray West informed Kelton the item would be re-addressed at the next meeting.

“I think we should leave it off and let people get stuff done,” Kelton said. “Personally, I meant taking it off and then putting it back on.”

Commissioner Gary Worley stated he would “like to see it stay in place” but would vote with the majority.

Commissioner Kelton then made a motion to lift the burn ban with Commissioner Wayne Shaw seconding the motion, which passed unanimously.

Captain Vance Hill gave a report from the Sheriff’s Office in regard to the jail capacity. Currently, there are 188 inmates housed at the jail.

Commissioner Worley asked if that number has “leveled off.” Hill said it is “pretty even.”

The court approved the hire of Timothy Dishman as a jailer at the rate of $26,775 per year.

Captain Hill also sought approval for gas masks and canisters to replace the current items, which were Army surplus, according to Hill.

“We would like to purchase gas masks and canister for our tactical team,” Captain Hill said. “The gas masks that we have are old Army surplus. The last time we used them several months ago – we got more gas than the suspect did when we tried to gas them out of the house.”

The masks featured a cost of $3,552.20 and would be purchased from GT Distributors out of the donations fund.

The measure carried unanimously.

In other news:

Approved Jessica Jones as part-time maintenance person at Brown County Maintenance Department at a rate of $9.33 per hour.

Approved Melissa Blanton as part-time Brown County Court Administrator at a rate of $9.33 per hour.

Approved the 2016 Indigent Defense Fun with the requirement the funds are used in the appropriate manner.

Don Yoes address the court in regards to the elections/treasurers building that will be constructed at the former Daniell Motors lot. Yoes question was in regards to the cost of the building.

Brent Addleman is managing editor of the Brownwood Bulletin. He can be reached by calling 325-641-3110, or email Twitter: @BWD_Editor.