Brownwood police sent an email to the media intended to “address some false rumors” about explosives at Brownwood High School.

“The rumors are false,” Assistant Police Chief James Fuller said. “We are looking into allegations of wrongdoing but nowhere near as dramatic as the rumors would have it.”

The email stated:

Officers were dispatched to the Law Enforcement center the night of Nov. 11 regarding “threatening Facebook messages.” Officers saw the messages which made threats “to do harm at the local high school.”

Officers collected evidence and contacted detectives.

The investigation is ongoing and the case will be forwarded to prosecutor’s office for grand jury consideration.  

“At no time was there an immediate threat of harm to the school itself or of any of the student body or staff,” the email stated.

Police will have no further comment because of “the sensitive nature of an ongoing investigation and the potential age of anyone involved,” the email stated.