BANGS — Bangs school board members made it official Thursday night.

“We do have a new superintendent,” outgoing superintendent Bill Foster said.

School board members named Tony Truelove, who currently works as the Bangs High School principal, to the job after naming him earlier as the lone finalist. Truelove starts work at his new post on Jan. 4, taking over after Foster’s retirement on Dec. 31.

“I think they picked a great guy, and I think he’s going to do a great job,” Foster said. “It’s going to be great for Bangs.”

Former Early principal Randy Lancaster will work as interim principal at Bangs High until a principal in named, Foster said.

Truelove became principal at Bangs High School in November 2014, replacing Vick Orlando, who resigned to become superintendent in Blanket.

“I’m tickled to death. I’m ready to go,” Truelove said.

Truelove said he’s been fortunate to have been placed in leadership positions, and “the older I got, the more important being a leader became to me.”

Previously, Truelove had worked as the Bangs Middle School principal.

Truelove said the district has been in good hands and running very well under Foster. But just as Foster has done, “we want everything to get better, no matter what it is,” Truelove said.

Truelove cited technology as an area “where we have to continue to raise the bar.” Computer labs need to be upgraded and the district needs some portable computer labs, Truelove said.

“It’s all changing,” Truelove said of technology.