Motorists urged to drive with caution following winter storm

Moderate to heavy snow fell across much of TxDOT’s nine-county Brownwood District Sunday evening into early Monday, leaving many roadways covered with snow and ice.

Crews continue to treat and plow roadways throughout the region. All TxDOT roadways in the district are passable, though motorists are urged to slow down and use caution as snow, slush and patches of ice will continue to be an issue throughout the next 24 hours as temperatures fall back below freezing Monday night.

If travel is necessary, drivers should observe these safety tips:

Check area weather conditions via radio, television or the internet before starting a trip.

Motorists can check local and statewide road conditions by visiting or by calling TxDOT’s toll-free highway conditions line at 800-452-9292.

Keep well back from snow plows. Don’t crowd the plow. Plow drivers can’t see directly behind their trucks, and sometimes they must stop or back up. Staying a safe distance behind a snow plow will protect you from possible injury, and protect your car from sanding material used on slick roadways.

Never drive through a snow cloud or other whiteout conditions. You can’t be sure if it is caused by crosswinds or a snow plow.

Use caution when driving over bridges and overpasses. These are the first to freeze.

Reduce speed and drive with caution. A vehicle needs at least three times more space to stop on a slick roadway. Visibility can also be reduced during winter weather conditions.

Be patient. Your trip time–including short commutes to work–could increase when adverse weather conditions exist.


More winter weather driving tips, as well as links to all TxDOT Twitter feeds, can be found on the TxDOT website.