Elise Techentine of Granbury won the Dorothy Mayes Best of Show Award in the 18th annual Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit, show officials announced Saturday night. The honor includes a cash prize of $1,000.

The exhibit will be open from 1 to 4 p.m. today at The Depot Civic and Cultural Center, and it will continue daily through Friday, Feb. 19. Admission is free, and three artists will demonstrate their techniques on weekdays.

“A very original idea, accompanied by an astute sense of craftsmanship,” juror Warren Taylor, a retired Midland College art professor now living in San Angelo, said of Techentine’s entry titled, “Balance on the Edge.”

While her work was entered in the sculpture category, exhibit officials said it is more precisely described as an assemblage — a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects.

Techentine took home the Don C. Martin Memorial Award in last year’s show.

The Best of Show winning artist works out of her Purplegoat studio in Granbury, where she warehouses recycled items and uses them in her art. On her website, Techentine said as a child, her mother introduced her to a variety of art forms as she made crafts in their home. Meanwhile, her father operated a “junk store.” Her art successfully combines the two.

Frank Roddie of Brady won the $750 Texas State Optical Juror Award with “August Afternoon on Brady Creek.” In selecting the work, Taylor said that “an accomplished sense of painting skills produces a scene of serenity.” Roddie said he seldom goes anywhere without a camera to record special scenes he finds in Central Texas and the Hill Country, and those scenes become his subjects.

Hours for the exhibit are 1 to 4 p.m. on the next two Sundays; 9 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday both weeks; and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 13.

Other prize winners and the juror’s comments follow:

• $500 Don C. Martin Memorial Watercolor Award — Mary Lambeth of Midland, “Blanket Shadow.” Juror’s comment: “Beautiful composition, coupled with a superb sense of execution.”

• $500 Empire Iron Works Sculpture Award — Matt Tumlinson of Early, “Inherit.” Juror’s comment: “A fresh idea, reflecting very current ideas. I like the juxtaposition of innocence and controversial materials.”

• $500 Kohler Award — Jeanette Alexander of Granbury, “La Musica del Hombre.” Juror’s comment: “An original approach to posing a figure. A fresh, new idea that is very successful.”

• $500 Charles and Kay Beth Stavley Merit Award — Ben Sum of San Angelo, “Against the Wind.” Juror’s comment: “A beautiful study of textures, contrasts and composition.”

• $500 Brownwood Art Association Photo Group Photography Award — Susan Minzenmayer of Winters, “Street Scene #1.” Juror’s comment: “A curious study of contrasts, both in texture and composition. I like the drama of an old, gnarled tree in an urban setting.”

• $500 Mary and Ernest Cadenhead Pastel Award — Kit Timmins of Brownwood, “Modern Times 2.” Juror’s comment: “A very current look into a digital world. Confident handling of the medium.”

• $500 J. Hite Homes, Inc. Merit Award — Anthony Brown of Abilene, “Cathedral of Aspens.” Juror’s comment: A brilliant study of color and mark making. It must have been a fun painting to paint.”

• $500 Brownwood Art Association Oil Medium Award — Patty Rae Wellborn of Abilene, “Jose on Bongo.” Juror’s comment: “A bold image, with a very confident technique. A mature understanding of the medium.”

• $100 Honorable Mention Award No. 1 — Bruce Hackney of Abilene, “Texas Hill Country.” Juror’s comment: “A mature of wonderful sense of craftsmanship creates an atmosphere of tranquility.”

• $100 Honorable Mention Award No. 2 — Marian DeBerry of Abilene, “On the Verge of Winter.” Juror’s comment: “The artist is exploring the medium in a fresh and spontaneous manner. I like the reference to time.”

• $100 Honorable Mention Award No. 3 — Stella Tinkler of Brownwood, “Vessel of Many Colors.” Juror’s comment: “A good example of excellent craftsmanship, coupled with a good sense of color.”

• $100 Honorable Mention Award No. 4 — Jean Smith Hensley of Ballinger, “Skylines.” Juror’s comment: “The artist is exploring the medium and putting a fine-focus realism next to abstract and spontaneous passages.”

• $100 Honorable Mention Award No. 5 — Hugh Campbell III of San Angelo, “Ole Time Graffiti.” Juror’s comment: “A wonderful study of fragments brought together in an almost abstract sense, yet nice details.”

One other major award will be determined by exhibit visitors. Each person attending will be invited to vote on “The People’s Choice” after viewing the show.

The Salon des Refusés, composed of 86 works that were submitted but were not chosen for the Stars of Texas, will be open at the same hours at the Art Center, 215 Fisk, sponsored by the Brownwood Art Association.

Ruth Wheelis is chair of the Stars of Texas exhibit for the sixth consecutive year.

Exhibit sponsors are the Arts Council of Brownwood, City of Brownwood, Jane Ellen Jamar, Margaret Coleman, The Woodruff Foundation, Big Country Ford-Lincoln, Texas State Optical, Kohler Co., J. Hite Homes Inc.-Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rice, Empire Iron Works-Burl Brown Family, Betty Martin, the Cadenhead family, the family of RT and Annis Allen, Brownwood Art Association Photo Group, Brownwood Art Association, Ann Jones Real Estate, Lilian and Tom Wilkinson Trust, Bostick’s Auto and Truck Sales, and Charles and Kay Beth Stavley.