Beware of the dogs.
    “As a deputy, you always have to be aware of the dogs,” sheriff’s narcotics officer Carlyle Gover said Tuesday as he displayed the remnants of the canine bite marks on his left forearm.
    Gover was bitten by a large dog at least twice when he ran into a yard in the 600 block of Fifth in Brownwood on April 21 to help take a wanted man into custody. The wanted man, Ike Moseley, 28, had run from Gover and nartocis detective Robert Ramirez, Gover said.
     Someone in the house opened the door and let the healer-pit bull mix outside, Gover said. Gover already had his pistol out deputies ordered Moseley to the ground, and the dog was able to latch onto Gover’s forearm arm.
    Gover was surprised, but not frightened. It didn’t hurt at the time, Gover said, even though his forearm dripped blood. The pain would come later.
    Gover jumped back and the dog backed away, but continued to bark and dance around. Gover pointed his pistol at the dog, prepared to shoot the animal until the owner came out and got the dog under control.
    “It’s not the dog’s fault,” Gover said. “He’s just doing his job.” Gover said he’s an animal lover and is glad he didn’t have to shoot the dog, which was quarantined by Animal Control to be monitored for rabies. The dog was released from quarantine Monday, Gover said.
    When lawmen are about to enter a home to serve a search warrant, Gover said, they want to know three things: are there guns, dogs or children in the house? “We don’t want to hurt kids,” Gover said. “We don’t want to get hurt by guns or dogs.”
    It can also be dangerous for a fleeing person to run into a yard with one or more dogs, Gover said. He recalled chasing a man who was sought in connection with a stabbing, and the man ran into a yard with several pit pulls. The fleeing man ended up at the hospital, where he was stitched up, Gover said.
    Gover said his injured arm is healing, although it itches. “It’a all fine,” Gover said.
    Moseley, the man Gover helped arrest, remains jailed on drug and evading charges, jail records state.
    “He said he was only running because he knew he was going to jail, and he wanted to get his whites,” Gover said.