Three times in the past week I had someone ask me what CVS Extrabucks were. I told them that they are money! These same three people said that they had been throwing them away because of not knowing what they were for!

Here is a brief CVS 101 for those of you who have not heard of CVS Extrabucks, or how to use them, if you have heard of them. First, you must have a CVS Extracare card in order to get Extrabucks. You can get these at the store or online at In the weekly CVS circular, you will see that there are certain items that you can purchase and you will receive Extrabucks. Extrabucks are for different amounts and the items they are attached to are different every week. Your Extrabucks are printed out at the end of your receipt. These can be used just like money. For example, last week I bought some ReNu contact solution for $8.99 and received $8.99 in Extrabucks. So, I actually got the contact solution free. Not only that, I used Extrabucks to purchase the contact solution. Therefore, I had no money out of pocket, and in turn I got my Extrabucks back that I used to make the purchase.

A few other things about Extrabucks.

You can not get cash back if your Extrabucks exceed your purchase. For instance, if your total purchase was $2.99 and you had a $4.99 Extrabuck, you would not get $2.00 in change. You would lose the $2.00. You cannot use Extrabucks to purchase gift cards, tobacco, or alcohol. Some stores will accept Extrabucks up to a week after they have expired. This I just found out, so I am not sure if Brownwood stores do this. There is not a limit on how many Extrabucks you can use per transaction. You can use coupons and Extrabucks in the same transaction. You can do one transaction that gets Extrabucks and turnaround and use them in a second transaction.

Now you know what Extrabucks are and how to use them. Even if you have no desire to coupon or to go to CVS with the purpose of getting Extra bucks, check your receipt; you may have some Extrabucks. Use them! If you throw them away you are throwing away money! Let me know if you know something about CVS Extrabucks that I haven't mentioned; comments are always welcome!