Christmas is just a few days away, the day that all children count down with such anticipation. Their excitement about Christmas is so precious. I love watching the thrill of it all through the eyes of a child. When my children were younger they could not wait to open presents. So, we started a tradition of letting them open one present a few days before Christmas.

All families have Christmas traditions. Some are carried on from generation to generation, some come about by accident. Such as, for our family, my mother decided to have what we now call snack night on Christmas Eve. One year she decided we would have chips and dips and other finger foods before we opened presents. We all liked it so well that we have been doing it for several years now, thus, we started a tradition. Opening presents on Christmas Eve is another tradition we have, one that was passed down from both sets of my grandparents.

Going to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve is a tradition we started when my children we younger. Everyone would load up in our Suburban and we would drive through the neighborhoods amazed at all the creativity.This was also a great chance for the kids to unwind after all the excitement of opening presents, giving us parents a much need break.

Last year my grandson came home from Tuesday School with magic reindeer food that he and his classmates had made. He was so excited to put this out for Santa's reindeer to eat that I decided to start a tradition of making reindeer food every year. It is easy to make. Just mix oatmeal and glitter together. Then sprinkle it outside so the reindeer can have a much needed snack before going to their next house. Of course, Santa gets his cookies and milk too. This may be something you would like to do too, and if so, you could make some extra to give to friends. You can put it in a plastic bag or a small jar with this poem attached.

Magic Reindeer Food Poem

Sprinkle on the lawn at night.

The moon will make it sparkle bright.

As Santa's reindeer fly and roam,

Let this guide them to my home!

What are your Christmas traditions? Leave a comment I would love to hear them! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, have fun, enjoy and make some traditions!