How many times have you started out the new year with good intentions of starting a resolution only to have it fizzle out by the end of February, or even sooner? I know I have.

Deciding to lose weight or quit smoking, two of the most common resolutions, are great as long as you have a plan and are serious about really doing them. But all too often we decide to do something that is too hard to keep up with and we just quit.

How about making resolutions that are easier to accomplish and therefore more fulfilling in the long run?

I have made a list that you can easily do. You can just pick one or do more than one if you would like. Or, maybe these will get your creative juices going and you can come up with your own. The point is do something that you are more apt to do, rather than something your more than likely will give up on. Most of them will not cost a thing and some will save money.

1. Watch less TV - You might be surprised how much more you can get done if you turn off the TV in the evenings.

2.  Spend less time on the computer - I know for myself, I want to look up just one thing on the computer, then that one thing leads to another thing and another thing, until I have spent more time than I had planned on originally.

3. Take your lunch to work - Eating out every day gets expensive. Even taking your lunch a couple of days a week will save money.

4. Volunteer - There are a lot of places that need volunteers to help out. Grab a friend and volunteer once or twice a month.

5. Cut back on unnecessary spending - This goes along with taking your lunch to work, but what else are you spending money on that is eating away at your paycheck?

6. Gossip less - We may think we do not gossip, but try paying attention to what you are saying. You may not even realize that you are gossiping.

7. Get more sleep - Try going to bed 30 minutes to an hour earlier. It is amazing how much better you will feel after getting that extra sleep.

8. Do something nice for your neighbor - In this day and time everyone is so busy we sometimes do not even know our neighbors.  Bake some cookies, take them over and introduce yourself. Or, if you already know them, take them some cookies anyway, I am sure they would love them as well as the gesture.

9. Read a book - When was the last time you read a good book? Make up your mind to read that book you have been wanting to read.

10. Schedule more 'Me' time - This is a hard one for most of us, but it really is something we all should do.