Earth Day Reminder: Recycling saves resources

With another Earth Day upon us (April 23), PRo Kansas Recycling, a nonprofit recycling center, would like to remind everyone about some valuable resources we can all help save. Everyone talks about water, oil or trees as resources.
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Kansas teacher shortage: Contradiction in standards

How bad is the teacher shortage in Kansas? Across the state, parents and teachers and administrators are well aware that more vacancies are going unfilled these last two years. Therefore the press was eager to hear the K.S.D.E. staff report providing data at the April 12 K.S.B.E. meeting.
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Memo to President Biden (and the Democrats)

Prices were 8.5% higher last month than they were a year ago, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning — the highest rate of inflation since 1981. The buying power of Americans is being squeezed more and more each day. You must explain what’s happening and put responsibility where it belongs. As America slouches toward the midterm elections, you need an economic message that celebrates your accomplishments to date — job creation and higher wages — yet also takes aim at the major abuses of economic power that are fueling inflation and widening inequality.
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