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Shopping for a dad or grandpa that spends time hunting and fishing can be a daunting task. There is a smorgasbord of “stuff” available; some of it very useful and some that is destined to spend time on a back shelf of the hunting cabin.

We dads that enjoy hunting and fishing are easy to shop for but we do have a rather specialized gift list. Many of the items we use and enjoy can be a bit difficult to locate, unless one knows where to look.

If you find yourself, once again trying to choose that perfect gift for your sportsman dad, maybe this column will help. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day.

An electric smoker

For many years, I’ve used my Smokin Tex electric smoker to prepare everything from venison jerky to pork chops for the evening meal. Smoking meats with these smokers is a fool proof way of cooking.

The principle is simple: Small amounts of wood is placed in the smoke box which slides over the heating element, meat is placed on the racks, the door closed, thermostat set to the desired temperature and the smoker does all the work.

I cook large cuts of meat such as briskets or pork shoulders all night and wake up to the most tender, flavorful barbecue one can imagine. The Model 1100 handles just over 20 pounds of meat and the 1400 smokes just over 30 pounds. Models 1460 and 1500 are designed to hold even more meat. Smokin Tex also offers several commercial models that can handle even larger quantities of meat. Visit www.smokintex.com to see all the models.

The Eliminator

If dad owns land or is on a hunting lease, chances are good that he has one or more corn feeders to attract game.

At around $19 per hundred pounds, feeding corn has become a bit costly. He probably looses a great deal of grain to squirrels, raccoons and crows instead of the deer and hogs it’s intended to attract. The Eliminator will pay for itself in a matter of weeks. It attaches to the shaft of the feeder motor and seals off access to corn in the barrel.

The unit works on centrifugal force. While in the rest position, access to the feed is completely shut off. When the feeder motor comes on and the shaft begins spinning, centrifugal force causes the unit to open and allow corn to flow.

When the motor shuts off, it goes back into the rest position and seals access to the feed. Go online to ultramaticfeeders.com and watch the video on The Eliminator.

Outdoor cooking supplies

If your day enjoys outdoor cooking, consider giving him a gift certificate to Butcher Packer Supply www.butcher-packer.com . The company offers just about everything for the outdoor cook. While shopping on the site, make sure and check out all the various kits for making sausage and jerky. The kits come with everything necessary to turn your game or domestic meats into some tasty treats. We especially enjoy making the meat snacks. The seasonings. cure, and casings are included in these kits, all that is needed is the meat.

Airforce air guns 

Airforce Airguns produces a line of hard-shooting, very accurate air rifles. The smaller calibers are available in .177, .22- and .25-caliber. These rifles come with an adjustable power wheel that allows power to be increased from target shooting to hunting velocities. A couple years ago, Airforce came out with The Texan, the first production model big bore air rifle. I began hunting with one of the first Texans in .45 caliber and in the past couple years, have used it to harvest about 12 wild hogs, axis deer and even an aoudad. These powerful rifles handle 350 grain lead bullets and deliver 500 foot pounds of energy. They are serious big game hunting rifles. Charged with compressed air from an air tank, Airforce rifles take the work out of shooting with air.

Good reading

If you enjoy hunting wild hogs, you will enjoy the new book, Kill to Grill, the Ultimate Guide to wild hog hunting…and cooking. The book discusses how hog populations became established in The U.S. and goes into detail describing hunting tactics, weapons, field care and turning the wild pork into excellent table fare in the form of BBQ, sausage, cured ham and bacon. Kill to Grill can be ordered online with check or Pay Pal at www.catfishradio.com . Shipping is immediate after order is placed.

Shock Strap 

Most dads that hunt and fish are always hauling gear to camp or the lake. The Shock Straps is a unique shock absorbing tie down that incorporates three of the most versatile tie down principals into one superior system. It is quick and easy like a motorcycle tie down, has the reliability of a ratchet system and versatility of a shock cord. Tension is kept on the strap via a very strong shock cord which eliminates shifting of loads. I’ve used these heavy duty straps the past few years when hauling our ATV’s and found them to be the best on the market.

Snaplock hunting blinds

These blinds are lightweight and easy to transport to your hunting spot. The heavy duty double wall sides snap lock into place and are easy to transport back into remote areas. It’s nice to have a blind with real walls and a roof instead of fabric, especially when setting out a blue northern or rain.  

Blinds come in 4 feet by 4 feet, or 4 feet by 6 feet. models.

Nite Site 

Finally, an affordable and very effective method of lighting up the night.

Nite Site uses infrared technology and mounts on top of one’s rifle scope. The sight picture of the scope is transferred to a small screen. Priced much less than other forms of night vision, Nite Site makes night vision affordable to most hunters.

I’ve used my Nite Site to shoot hogs out to 170 yards and have been extremely happy with the product. Nite Site also offers the Spotter that is basically a handheld unit that displays a very clear image of the night woods even in total darkness. Learn more about the Nite Site at www.nitesite.com. Make sure and watch the excellent night hunting videos while visiting the site.

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