There’s nothing like being vindicated, even if it’s about 50 years late. Let me explain.

In one of the rare trips my folks took me on, we went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to visit relatives. I was about 5 or 6 years old.

Before getting to Albuquerque, we stopped to see Carlsbad Caverns and stayed long enough to watch about a billion bats coming out of said hole and not a single one bit me. Things were going well.

Upon arrival at my relatives’ home, I needed to run off some excess energy from being stuck in that yellow Comet for what felt like years. One of my cousins, Michael, went out in the yard with me and we decided to play pitch with green apples. Apparently, they didn’t have softballs or baseballs in Albuquerque.

After a few good throws back and forth, Michael cranked up the heat. I did pretty well until I missed one particularly hard throw. I did, however, stop it — with my nose. I came to right where I dropped in the middle of a bunch of green apples that had fallen off the tree. My parents, aunt and uncle were wiping blood from my nose and Michael was hiding out. Talk about pain. I knew my nose was broken and told them so, but nobody believed me.

I spent the rest of the vacation looking like a human imitation of a raccoon with a swollen nose. The pain subsided eventually and life went on.

Last week, I went to the ear, nose and throat doctor to see what could be done about my snoring. He immediately insisted on running a water hose — or at least, it felt like one — with a camera up my nose. I wasn’t too thrilled with that idea, but agreed after warning him it could get real ugly in a hurry.

Guess what he found out? Yes, my nose had been broken. Pretty badly, too, from what he said. I was right all along.

My folks are gone, but my apple-throwing cousin is still alive and well.

I told you that you broke my nose, Michael! Thanks a lot.

Happy birthday Saturday to Patricia Perry, Robert Riles, Paula Sharp, Jerry Bowen Allen and Sharron Spratt, all of Sherman; Marcus McMurtry, Hanna Schneider and Mike Gaddis, all of Denison; Heather Britt of Pottsboro; Trent Brown; Vernetta Coleman; Kathy Jackson of White Rock; and Karen Penrod of Missouri City.

Happy anniversary Saturday to John and Georgia Richardson of Howe, 50 years.