District Judge Steve Ellis heard testimony all day Thursday in a punishment hearing for former Brownwood Middle School coach Landon Westerman, who pleaded guilty to having sexual contact with a female student in the summer of 2013.
    Testimony is expected to resume Friday afternoon.
    Westerman, 30, pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child and online solicitation of a minor, and not guilty to improper relationship between educator and student, Westerman’s attorney, Todd Steele, said.
    Westerman pleaded not guilty to the latter charge because he had already resigned from his job at Brownwood Middle school when the offenses occurred on June 15, 2013, Steele said.
    The online solicitation charge is related to text messages Westerman sent to the girl with the intent of eliciting sexual contact, court documents state.
    Westerman had worked in the Brownwood school district for one year when he resigned.
    Westerman began showing extra attention to a then-13-year-old girl in the latter part of the 2012-’13 school year, according to testimony. The two communicated via twitter, and later by text message after Westerman gave the girl his phone number, testimony showed. He was separated from his wife at the time of the offenses.
    According to a complaint filed by then-sheriff’s investigator Lana Guthrie:
    The girl made an outcry on June 15 about events that occurred involving Westerman, and a Brownwood physician provided information about "a possible inappropriate relationship between a student and an educator" in Brownwood. Guthrie learned of text messages Westerman left on a female student's cell phone.
    Guthrie received information indicating the girl had met with Westerman on dates including the weekend school dismissed for the summer and on June 15.
    Sheriff's officials executed a search warrant at Westerman's home in south Brownwood on July 2 and seized Westerman's cell phone.
    The girl testified Thursday that she sat with Westerman in his parked truck and two two kissed, and there was touching of a sexual nature. The girl said she believes the incident was her fault.
    Prosecutor Elisha Bird was still presenting the state’s case Thursday afternoon when Ellis allowed Steele to call a defense witness, Dr. Anna Shursen of Frisco, to accommodate Shursen’s schedule. Shursen is a licensed sex offender treatment provider and does evaluations of sex offenders.
    Shursen said she’d given several tests to Westerman that evaluate topics including an offender’s likelihood of reoffending, “general criminality,” tendency toward violence and the likelihood of doing well on probation.
    Westerman’s scores indicted he is a low-risk offender who would likely do well on probation, Shursen said.
    Bird questioned Shursen in a lengthy cross-examination, pressing Shursen to define terms related to behaviors including sexual deviancy and promiscuity.