District Judge Steve Ellis approved a plea bargain Friday in 35th District Court that sent a 19-year-old Brownwood man to prison for 10 years for having sex with two teen girls, including one who was 14.
    Gavin Gill pleaded guilty to two offenses of sexual assault of a child. Additional counts of sexual assault and possession of child pornography were dismissed as part of the plea bargain negotiated between First Assistant District Attorney Chris Brown and defense attorney Jud Woodley.
    Gill and Michael Hemm, 19, also of Brownwood, were arrested in August on allegations that the two had sex with two young teenage girls in a home in July. Hemm’s case is pending.
    Gill was also accused of  possessing sexually explicit photos and videos that other underage girls sent to his cell phone.
    Gill was later indicted for sexual assault in connection with the July incident. The grand jury returned a second sexual assault indictment alleging that Gill had sex with a girl under 17 in May.
    During Friday’s sentencing, Brown told Ellis that the mother of one of the teen girls did not agree with the plea bargain and wished to make a statement. Ellis asked the woman to step forward and address Gill.
    “I want you to know that I cannot stand to look at you right now,” the woman told Gill in an emotional voice. The woman said she hopes Gill experiences in prison the same thing that “you did to these girls.”