Owner of Niemiec Firearms in Early concealed carry instructor Frank Niemiec discussed the types of regulations of open carry and demonstrated how to properly holster firearms to an attentive crowd Friday as guest speaker for the Brown County Republican Women’s Club monthly luncheon.

Niemiec spent about 45 minutes providing information to about 20 people at the Brownwood Country Club about the Texas law, which passed Jan. 1, that allows licensed Texans to walk the streets, or travel statewide, openly wearing their holstered handguns.

As a visual aid, nearing the end of his speech, Niemiec slipped off his maroon jacket to display, more so demonstrate, his shoulder and belt holster that was carrying his .45 Colt handgun and .357 Smith & Wesson Magnum revolver.

“Must be in a shoulder holster or some form of belt holster,” Niemiec, who has 20 years of concealed instructor experience, said to the crowd on where and how to properly place their firearms. “Something that has retention to it, fairly tight and you could adjust to it. That is really what it amounts to.”

Niemiec — along with his wife, Merle, who was also in attendance Friday and both certified National Rifle Association pistol instructors for their business’s concealed handgun classes — reminded those in attendance of the required signage business owners must place at their storefront if they choose to prohibit concealed and/or open carry patrons.

Niemiec displayed necessary English and Spanish signs and showed that the letters had to be at least one inch tall.

He also informed the people on the handful of local private-owned restaurants that prohibit and permit concealed and/or open carry.

As for schools, Howard Payne University is still one of many private state universities that will decide to permit or opt out of the campus-carry in the coming months before the law goes into effect Aug. 1