Brownwood police arrested a man on four charges of burglary of a vehicle Tuesday morning near Brownwood City Hall, making the arrest after finding him hiding in his mother’s vehicle as she backed out of a parking spot, police said.
    Police and Brown County Jail records identified the man as Kameron Brown, 26, of Brownwood, who is free on bonds totaling $20,000, jail records state. Brown is accused of entering four unlocked pickups parked near City Hall and taking coins and an MP3 player.
    According to a police report:
    Police were dispatched to City Hall at 9:39 a.m. after a man said he’d made a delivery to City Hall. When the delivery man returned to his pickup, he saw a male close the driver’s side door of the delivery man’s pickup and run across the parking lot.
    The delivery man went inside City Hall to report the incident, and when he returned to the parking got, the male was inside another pickup. The delivery man confronted the suspect and told him police had been called.
    The suspect ran across the street, and the man lost sight of him. The man told police his pickup’s interior had been “gone through.” The man also said someone in City Hall had told him the suspect is the son of a woman who works in the building.
    An officer saw the woman backing out of a parking space and stopped her. “A male was also discovered inside the vehicle, hiding,” the report states. “A look of shock was on the (suspect’s) face when he noticed my presence. The (suspect) was identified as Kameron Brown.”
    The officer asked Brown to get out of the vehicle, and he did so, “very deliberate and slow,” the report states. “I felt as if Kameron was attempting to hid something within the vehicle upon his exit due to him moving clothing items around the back seat and covering up various items in the rear floor board.”
    Brown’s clothing matched the description of the clothing provided earlier by a witness. The witness identified Brown as the suspect.
    Brown’s mother allowed the officer to search her vehicle and and opened the trunk. The officer saw coins in the trunk, and the woman said she’d heard the coins “fall out of Kameron’s pocket when he exited the trunk into the back seat.” The officer also located an MP3 player that was found to have been taken from another City Hall employee’s vehicle.
    The officer found other items including a box from an online auto parts retail store with a woman’s name written on the box.
    “Soon all of the employees of the City Hall building had checked their vehicles for being burglarized,” the report states.
    Owners of the other three vehicles that were entered began speaking with police. Victims included the owner of a pickup who said he was at City Hall to pay a bill; the owner of a pickup parked across the street from City Hall; and two owner of a sport utility vehicle, also parked across the street.
    The officer spoke with Brown, who said he’d found the box of auto parts on the ground next to a trash bin but could not provide the location. The box was unopened and had the original shipping tape intact.
    Brown said he’d found the MP3 player “sitting by a car.”
    Brown told the officer he’d been looking inside vehicles to search for change, but said he hadn’t entered any of the vehicles.